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Headmaster Master Hand
Character Feedback Post 3.0 
21st-Nov-2011 01:40 am
[Human] Chibi
Hello Smash Academy! This is our new internal HMD post.

So what is a How's My Driving post? It is, boiled down to its simplest form, a post where players can ask their fellow in-game players advice, criticism and praise about their characters. So if you have ideas, or you feel a character is missing a little something, this is a way for you to let them know (as politely as possible) what you've been wanting to tell them.

Keep in mind that each player's view is their own. There might be some arguments between players with different opinions, and we encourage you to do so, but please, please always keep it in a civilized discussion. Offer solutions to problems you may have, if possible.

Toasty had set up the system allowing you to choose the level of harshness you don't mind having in your reviews, we are keeping this as well;

Be gentle
For the tender little kittens. Light or no criticism. Positive comments are encouraged.
This, however, does NOT mean you won't get any criticism. If you feel any crit you get is too harsh, let a mod know and we'll handle it.

It is what it sounds like it is. In-between. Criticism is encouraged, but nothing too harsh. Positive comments are encouraged.

Please understand this before choosing this option: This option opens you to just about anything anyone has to say. Do NOT choose this option unless you can handle harsh criticism. DO. NOT. I can not stress this enough. Manly men only. Criticism is incredibly encouraged. Fellow-muns are welcomed to nit-pick to their hearts content. Positive comments are not exactly encouraged, but definitely allowed.

Anon Commenting Option
Much like the crits, this is for each player to decide. Some players might not want to get people anoning for comments, but some people might only feel comfortable giving comments anonly. Keep this in mind when choosing. Respect each player's decision to use or not allow for anon commenting. You are allowed to switch between both, just contact a mod if you feel you cannot handle anon commenting anymore.

There are just a few rules:
2. No self crit, please! Self crit often leaves others with nothing to say. Let them tell you what you need to do.
3. DO NOT USE THIS TO PERSONALLY BASH THE PLAYERS. HMD is not to talk about the players. It's to talk about their characters.
4. Play nice. Even with the RIP AND TEARers, be nice. Do NOT be nasty. Do NOT call names, insult anyone, or say anything out of line like that. Think about what you'd want to hear as a critic, act accordingly.
5. Don't get harsh unless the mun wants you to. Please respect the be gentle-ers decision to discourage harsher criticism.
6. PLEASE. PLEASE do not whine about the crit you get. If you're going to put yourself up for this; be a man and take it.
7. Do not delete your posts if you get angry at someone. It is a bad practise. If you would rather do this in a less public place, post here with a link to a HMD to your own character.

Also to keep note: THIS IS NOT MANDATORY. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PARTICIPATE. However, we encourage you to do so, as it allows you to see what players think of your characters and things they think you should improve. Sometimes we play a character for so long we might not notice slight changes that others can.

You are also invited to link to HMD posts in your own character LJs, if you'd rather do this on a personal level (ie screened posts, away from a public post). They shall be listed here along with the others. A handy index and an optional profile link are there to provide a more organized approach.

And that's it! Please follow the rules, keep an open mind, and be nice.

25th-Nov-2011 05:51 am (UTC)
Player: Helena
Character: Slippy Toad
Allows Anon Comments: Yes
Level: Moderate.

Slippy's Personal HMD.
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