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Headmaster Master Hand
20th-Jan-2010 11:36 am (UTC) - Cyrus app! 1 of probably three
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Amber
Are you over 15?: Yes
LJ username: blackjackrocket
Time Zone: -8
AIM: blackjackrocket
MSN: blackjackgabbiani@hotmail.com
E-mail: cammycommando@yahoo.com
Anything Else?: Skype is BlackjackGabbiani, but I don't sign onto that unless asked.

In-Character Information
Name : Cyrus
Game/Series: Pokémon, specifically Diamond/Pearl
Age & Teaching Position: 27, Ethics
Living Arrangements: dorm, private room if possible (if not that's cool)

Personality: Cyrus claims to have rid himself of his emotions, although expresses them far more than he would ever acknowledge. He has a penchant for grandiosity and an insistence that people should look at the big picture (of course, for him, "big picture" means the entire universe). He has delusions of grandeur and plans to make those delusions reality. Those around him describe him as being very logical, and he speaks to the player character openly about his plans. He's contradictory--despite claiming that compassion is weakness, one of his pokémon only evolves through bonding with its trainer (so either he's lying flat out, he considers it an exception, or he induced evolution through artificial means). He's a very dangerous man insofar as his ultimate goal, however he has a strange love for the world and acts out of wanting to save it from itself, thinking the only way to do so would be to restart the universe.

He may apologize for things (emphasis on "may"--it's still not likely), but for him to admit he was ever wrong about anything? Almost impossible. Given that he's been smarter than everyone around him for as long as he can remember back, he was hardly ever wrong, so why should he believe others when they tell him he suddenly is?

He believes in attaining what is (or what he deems to be) necessary through any means that it takes. Although this presents violence as a possibility, he's also at heart a pacifist and won't attack unless he deems it necessary to do so--but once he does, it's at full force. Of course, his pokémon technically do the work, but that's the way they roll in that world.
20th-Jan-2010 11:37 am (UTC) - 2/3?
Backstory: Aah, life in Sunyshore! The sand! The surf! The sun! Unless of course you're cooped up in the house all the livelong day studying your butt off. You're the smartest kid in the entire city, maybe even in all of Sinnoh! You'd better keep it that way!

Cyrus's parents recognized his intelligence at quite a young age, and never let up in their encouragement. Of course, that meant none of those silly extracurricular activities, no becoming a trainer--they ditch school at ten, dontcha know--and if you get below a 95 on anything you bring shame to us all.

While he could keep his grades up, mentally he was starting to fall apart. The world was a painful place, and his studies were what kept him going. In studying he learned facts, things that made sense. Like machines--a machine does what it's programmed to do. It can't do anything else. It's logical. It's rational. But the world around him, he came to realize, was neither of those things.

Another problem stood in his way: his emotions. He enjoyed being the smartest, but some part of him wanted to be like the other kids. The other kids could play in the sun. The other kids could have pokémon. The other kids didn't cry every time they watched the news because the world was so painful to think about. He had to focus himself more than anyone else.

He started dealing with machines more and more, building them in any spare time he had. If they broke down, they could simply be rebuilt and reprogrammed.

When he was fifteen, he recieved his first failing grade and suffered a nervous breakdown. Of course, he didn't tell his parents for fear of being taken out of school. But that night he realized that he had to do something. He couldn't let himself be a failure. And his emotions were causing it. So he started to supress them.

But why stop there, he realized. The world was a failure, overrun by war and ignorance. They were ruled by their emotions and it led to such things.

Clearly the world needed a leader. But it didn't take Cyrus long to realize there were holes in his plan. The world would resist a takeover by force, and certainly a normal human lifespan wouldn't afford him the chance to do it through subterfuge. Besides, there would still be millions of years of history he'd have to convince people to ignore, and that would be downright impossible. Humans weren't machines. They could't be reprogrammed like a machine could. It seemed as though he would never find the answer he was looking for.

But there it was in front of him the whole time! All the universe is made of is spacetime, after all. And two of the most revered legendaries in all Sinnoh just so happened to control the dual aspects of very thing!

By the time he graduated university, he knew what he had to do. Screw becoming a region's leader, or a country's. The only way to fix the universe was to delete it and recreate it from the very beginning. He had to become a god.


Edited at 2010-01-20 11:38 am (UTC)
20th-Jan-2010 11:38 am (UTC) - Nope, 3/4
Anything Else?: -As stated, I play him DP-verse. This means that Platinum-verse's talk of "spirit" is severely lessened (he mentions it a single time in DP), and that if he knows about the Distortion World at ALL it'll be only as a legend. Also he's not lying to his followers...much anyway.

-Some things are based on the impression I got from the games, such as his natural emotional state--the way I play him is such that his unsupressed emotions are stronger than those of most people and that he tried to get rid of them because it was the only way he could control them. I can back this up with canon if needed, and it appears in multiple canons (I think the Special manga is the only one where it hasn't). I don't believe for a moment that he's a true sociopath (although he has some personality traits in common, such as using people) insofar as his emotions aren't naturally dulled.

-That's also why he has a Crobat. Happiness evolution what.

-I do pull some things from Platinum, but they're things that weren't contradicting anything, such as what his grandfather tells you or his age or the implication that he's known Cynthia for a while.

-Icons are from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! which is the greatest manga in the history of forever and you all need to read it immediately. Come on, Cyrus has like three pieces of gameverse art and that's not conducive to icon making. If only Game Freak would grasp the concept of expressive sprites (not that his would be very expressive but I can't imagine he'd be stonefaced CONSTANTLY considering his freakouts in the game)...

-This is my second try bringing a character here. First was when I brought Vicious from the fourth Pokémon movie to the dr. He was really popular for about an hour, and then someone pointed out that characters had to be gameverse (it hadn't been stated explicitly on the wiki at that point, only that Mystery Dungeon was a no-go). But my only gameverse character--this guy--was in a game at the time. The game since closed, leaving him open for here (and love hotel but shhhh).

-Since the wiki asks for it, the birthday I came up with for him is January 1st.
20th-Jan-2010 11:39 am (UTC) - aaand 4/4
In-Character 1st person writing sample (journal):
Briefly it occured to me that perhaps this world was my creation, twisted and distorted beyond recognition by forces that I had yet to comprehend.

Yet that is a foolish assumption. This place is entirely devoid of logic, of reason. I had no hand in this.

Certainly it has things in common with both the world of my origin and the world I intend to create. The periodic table is the same, there is water, there is breathable air, the gravitational constants, while not identical are within workable parameters (although there are many individuals who seem to defy this). The life is similar; humans, pokémon, plant life, bacteria, viruses, etcetera.

Yet there is much that is unfamiliar. What constitutes "human" here is a far broader scope than the world of my origin, the basic outline extending to what would be classified as "humanoid" there. Matter itself seems to be heavily dependent on manipulation--for instance, the ability to stand on a platform and then jump through it, or vice versa, while it remains a solid all throughout. Objects will appear in midair, although there is the possibility that they are simply teleported from elsewhere.

I will have to study this place further. In the meantime I will devote myself to molding the minds of the young, so that they may know what is truly important.

In-Character 3rd person writing post:

There was a pokéball on the ground. Although Cyrus knew what the curse of those infernal instruments was, it was something familiar at least. This bizarre place certainly wasn't what he had been expecting when he stepped out of the cave onto the Spear Pillar, only to find it a far different place than he had ever known it to be. That it was floating was the least of the issues.

But he had spared thought for that long enough for the time being. He would return there and research it further...once he figured out how. But the others in this place seemed to be able to access similar places, so he believed it was only a matter of time.

Perhaps that was another difference. Pokéballs in this world may be constructed so as to rid them of the inherent design flaws that hindered the contained pokémon's natural abilities, or something else that may be of interest. Standing from the park bench and taking a brief moment to stretch his legs, Cyrus picked up the pokéball, which activated in his hand.


Well, the digestive tract of a Gulpin was the same, he noticed firsthand. Mentally he added find reputable dry cleaner on his already quite long list of things to do, putting it somewhere between research how a glove can be sentient and gather minions.
28th-Jan-2010 06:52 am (UTC) - Mod type review!
Everything checks out just fine! We would, however, like you to extend the backstory to include why he decided to come to the school. Just add that bit and you'll be good to go!
30th-Jan-2010 11:17 am (UTC) - EXTENDED BACKSTORY!
Of course, he couldn't become a god on his own. He would need followers as a mortal to further his goals and create paradise. And of course most of them would have to be expendable. And so we come to Team Galactic, the ragtag gang of bowlcutted spacemen that started to pop up throughout Sinnoh. His reasoning for their strange look was carefully calculated--if they looked inept and comical, no one would take them seriously (Well...he says that's his reasoning anyway).

Petty theivery? Who cares? They look so cool! Like something out of a B-movie or a 1980s music video!

Meanwhile, all this was a mask for Team Galactic's true intentions. Through his agents, Cyrus discovered the way to open the dimensions and shackle the gods. Through gathering together the three spirits of the lakes and extracting their gems, an artifact called the Red Chain could be forged, and only then could the gods be controlled without diminishing their powers. Because only idiots use pokeballs, you know; those things lessen the full power of what pokemon are capable of.

So after being beaten several times by a ten year old, Team Galactic finally goes up the sacred Mt Coronet with the Red Chain. Only instead of finding the ancient ruins and gods they sought, they found...the whole thing starting to tilt. And because Cyrus was the first out of the cave, he was separated from his followers. Perhaps the people in that school will know more...no? Damnation!

But Cyrus has always been one to make the best of a bad situation. Having a far different definition of "best" will do that to a person. So until he can locate his followers, he'll just have to settle for recruiting more...I mean teaching. Yes, teaching. Certainly a man like him must learn to be a productive member of society eventually, right?

Just don't pay him any mind if he someday starts insisting that the school uniform include aquamarine bowl cuts.
6th-Feb-2010 12:05 am (UTC) - Accept 1/2
Thanks again for your patience! Consider this your first accept.
6th-Feb-2010 12:18 am (UTC) - Re: Accept 1/2
6th-Feb-2010 12:16 am (UTC) - Accept 2/2!
And here's accept #2! Welcome to Smash Academy!

- You have two days to reply here with your character's LJ! After that, you have one week to make your first post!
- Introduce yourself in the main community (you'll have to apply for membership first, one of the mods will approve you.)
- Join the wiki so you can edit articles (if you so choose)!
- Head on over to the add/drop list and you're good to go!

Again, thanks so much for your patience!
6th-Feb-2010 12:18 am (UTC) - Re: Accept 2/2!
Excellent. Thank you!
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