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25th-Mar-2019 05:11 am
This application post is now closed.
Please go to this post for any character reservation you wish to fill out, and this post to post a completed application.

(No worries we will look at all the apps that have been submitted this week as well, you don't need to repost them in the new one. But please do not post any new apps here anymore)
27th-Mar-2010 10:45 pm (UTC) - mewtwo as a teacher part 1
I don't think the out of character info is really needed because I'm not even apping a different character, BUT LET ME KNOW

In-Character Information
Name : Mewtwo
Game/Series: Pokemon
Age & Teaching Position: 13 (17), Mathematics.
Living Arrangements: He'll still be in the student dorms till he graduates at least I WILL GET BACK TO YOU
27th-Mar-2010 10:45 pm (UTC) - Re: mewtwo as a teacher part 2
Boy, oh boy, has Mewtwo changed in two years. Originally antisocial, face constantly pressed up against a screen while playing video games of some sort, he has since matured into a considerate type. He may still be cautious, but he has come to really enjoy person to person interaction. Contrary to what his reputation may be within the Kanto scientific community (and probably the criminal underground of all regions), he's really quite gentle, taking advantage of the new meditation techniques he's learned from the likes of Poo and the school's other PSI users to try and gain better control of his sometimes overwhelming powers. Conflict is something he tries to avoid, but if someone is in danger, he won't hesitate to battle to ensure their safety. His loyalty runs very deep, a trait that many Pokemon share. He tries his hardest not to be intimidating, especially since he intends to become a teacher now, which is why he spends most of his time in his human form, his Pokemon form can be kind of... scary, sometimes. He also tries his hardest not to hack into people's minds by accident, but he's still young, so his telepathic powers sort of go haywire sometimes. He's focusing most of his attention on refining his telekinetic power. He doesn't like unnecessary attention to be placed on him, which is why he generally steers clear of trainers who know of him beforehand. Considering that this is mostly trainers belonging to criminal organizations, this is probably wise. It has a lot to do with his natural modest nature, too.
30th-Mar-2010 06:58 pm (UTC) - LET'S SEE HOW LONG THIS WILL LAST part.1
Name: Saffuck
Are you over 15?: Yeah
LJ username: saffmk
Time Zone: Meat guts time (+7GMT)
AIM: chronocrator
MSN: _dtan@dororo.keroro.com
E-mail: Same as above :V
Tegaki: Saff

In-Character Information
Name : Empoleon [Will also response to Empo]
Game/Series: Pokemon
Age & Grade Level: 17, Sophmore
30th-Mar-2010 06:59 pm (UTC) - IT PROBABLY WILL TAKE AWHILE part. 2
Empo’s personality can describe similar to water, calm and flowing but can also be fierce as a tsunami. Usually, he’s very calm and laid-back. Most situations won’t startle him or otherwise. An equally laid-back smile is usually accompanied by this composure. Nothing seems to make him feel surprise, that or he’s has a terribly slow reaction. Pranks and the alike aren’t usually his things, and they don’t surprise him, however he doesn’t mind them at the least. In fact, he has a laughing-fit even when the pranks on him. Hell, he has a laughing-fit for almost anything!

Due to from his calm demeanor, Empo, at times, has a devil may care attitude. Though personally, it’s more like a devil may care towards sexuality, races or any other kinds of ‘dividing’, nonetheless, he has one and doesn’t seems to be bothered by it. Which also brings a considerate thought he doesn’t actually care whether he might date a boy or a girl, as long as he likes the person, it doesn’t matter to him. Hell, if he fall in love with a person who might be a decade older than him and that person loves him back, he’ll still go for it.

He also has a certain way of showing his affection. Most of the time, he expresses them with jokes and friendly teases. He will drop the teases if needed. Oddly enough, despite of his laid-back attitude, he’ll tell the most cruel/lewd/odd jokes towards the person he has a crush on. It maybe because he never experience it before and thought it might get more attention from the said person. Though, more or less, he means well. He just express it right.

Despite of his usual calm demeanor, Empo has some sort of semi-OCD. He can’t stand seeing anything disorganized and might possibly throw into a fit a frustration. Though this is justified as he is more used to an environment that’s a typically neatly organized mansion. It’s most likely that he’ll try to organized whatever he sees as a mess.

Though he rarely admits it, Empo actually loves attention. And I mean really loves it, like an anttention whore if you may. It might be due to him being in the spot-light a tad too much, after all, he’s been in contest since he fully learned four moves as a Piplup. Mind you, he’s first priorities are his friends and family, but even he can’t help but please the crowd, can’t he?

Another thing that’s fairly rare to see of Empo is his anger. Because of usual calm demeanor, Empo rarely show any signs of easily being provoked. When he does show it, however, don’t ever be surprise if you ever find yourself on the verge being attacked by the moves metal claw and fury attack. What makes him angry are when his loved once are being insulted, like really badly. This goes to show that Empo protects his loved ones whenever he can.
31st-Mar-2010 06:24 am (UTC) - Giratina App 1/4
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Soki
Are you over 15?: Yes
LJ username: green_thundah
Time Zone: -10 GMT
AIM: greenthundah
MSN: None
E-mail: sockopera@yahoo.com
Tegaki: None
Anything Else?: None

In-Character Information
Name: Giratina
Game/Series: Pokemon Series
Age & Grade Level: Age unknown. Freshman.


Giratina sees himself as the best of the three gods, but is the less sophisticated of the three. He is rebellious against Arceus' orders, dislikes her, and thinks she just uses him and his brothers to perform the boring tasks she doesn't have time for, or doesn't want to do. He takes whatever chance he can get to insult someone, even if he doesn't know them. He hates "sophisticated" people like Dialga and Palkia, and finds them to be rather annoying.

Giratina enjoys picking on his two siblings, Dialga and Palkia, for obeying their mother's orders. He thinks the orders his mother gives them to protect the world are a waste of the three gods' time, and he thinks that the humans can easily protect themselves, and that Arceus should give the three of them time to relax. He finds humans entertaining and likes to spend time on Earth messing with humans. He also likes showing off to humans and often tells them that he is one of the powerful, immortal gods.

He hates it when people tell him what to do, and prefers to be in charge, instead. He especially hates it if the people telling him what to do are Arceus or his two siblings. If anyone were to command him to do anything, Giratina would most likely attack the person or try his best to insult them.

Giratina hardly ever runs from danger, and tends to take care of things with violence. He thinks he can easily beat anyone in a battle. If he is ever defeated by anyone, he never speaks of it and pretends it never happened. He sees Pokemon that use defensive attacks as cowards, and he himself has only offensive attacks. During fights, Giratina may go overboard, and try to kill the other person, depending on who they were and how well he knew them.

Giratina hates being trapped in the Distortion World, however, he still cares about the Distortion World, and will do anything to keep the dimension safe, and protect it from harm. Although he cares very much about the Distortion World, he feels as though the Distortion World would be fine not under his protection for a while, as an excuse explore Earth and meet new people, since he gets rather lonely and bored in the Distortion World, completely devoid of life except for Giratina himself. He hates pollution, since most of it end up in the Distortion World, and hates it when people litter.

Although Giratina appears to hate his whole family, and doesn't even see them as his family, he would do anything to save them if it was a matter of live-or-death, including risking his own life. He would be even more lonely if Arceus, Dialga, and Palkia were to die, since they are the only Pokemon he gets to be around, and he wasn't able to meet very many Pokemon on Earth.
31st-Mar-2010 06:24 am (UTC) - Giratina App 2/4

At the beginning of time, Arceus created all of the Pokemon universe. She created Earth, then humans to live on the new planet. Arceus then realized that she would need help watching over this new universe. She created three eggs, one glowing a shade blue, one glowing a shade of pink, and one glowing a shade of red. All three of the eggs hatched at the very same time, creating the dragon trio that were assist Arceus in watching over the Pokemon Universe. Out of the blue egg hatched Dialga, out of the pink egg hatched Palkia, and out of the red egg hatched Giratina. After they had grown up enough, Arceus assigned them each one task. Dialga, the blue dragon, was to watch over time, Palkia, the pink dragon, was to watch over space, and Giratina, the red dragon, lastly, was to watch over the different dimensions of the Pokemon universe.

When Giratina was created, he was, like most newborn Pokemon, very small. After a while, he was beginning to learn how to use his dimensional teleportation powers more and more. Eventually, when he was testing the limits of his powers, he accidentally created a new dimension. At first this new dimension was a blank, normal dimension, that was perfectly balanced with the rest of the Pokemon Universe. Giratina then decided that he would do something more with this new dimension of his. He named this dimension the "Distortion World". He then decided that he should do something more than just name this blank dimension. He first turned the Distortion World into a large, dark blue void, then created some land. The land was not just flat land, but went up at strange angles, and defied the laws of gravity that were given to most of the Pokemon Universe.

Giratina grew up calling this dimension his home, and took good care of it. He even spent most of his time in the Distortion World, adding new land to his liking. It was not until quite a while later that he found out that there was more than just his dimension to explore. Floating in space were various planets, created by Arceus. The planet Giratina found to be the most interesting was Earth, a planet filled with life. Although Giratina was told by Arceus not to go down to Earth, curiosity got the better of him, and he ignored Arceus' rules about not visiting this planet.

When Giratina flew down to Earth, he saw many wondrous things. The inhabitants of this planet, the humans, had progress very far from when they had been created, or so he was told. Earth had many machines that fulfilled various tasks for the humans. Giratina choked as he flew through a large cloud of smog. Apparently, these humans' inventions had their disadvantages. As Giratina flew through pollution cloud after pollution cloud, he began to dislike the Earth's sky. Perhaps if he flew lower, he would be able to avoid the pollution clouds. Unfortunately, as he flew closer to the Earth's surface, the humans began to point and scream, terrified by the shadow of a large Pokemon descending from the ominous clouds of smog. The humans' immediate reaction was to attack this large Pokemon. Giratina, angered by the fact that these humans were trying to attack him for no apparent reason, landed on the Earth's surface and began to attack back. Whole cities were destroyed as Giratina skipped to different locations on the Earth, attacking everyone. The humans panicked and cowered on the now ruined and ravaged planet as Giratina left for the Distortion World.

Arceus was angered by Giratina's actions. He was already punished quite often by being sent to the Distortion World to think about his actions. Now Arceus banished Giratina to the Distortion World. She bound Giratina to the Distortion World with a powerful curse, then left him there to be wiped away from the human's memories by time.
31st-Mar-2010 06:46 am (UTC) - Mint the Chikorita app 1/?
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Xero
Are you over 15?: I was hit with the shotaloli beam so I don't think so anymore. Care to check for me? D:
LJ username: insertnamehere
Time Zone: -5 GMT (EST) (would it be -4 now? idk)
AIM: TheWarriorXero
MSN: N/A, I don't use MSN anymore
E-mail: mizunoxero@gmail.com
Tegaki: N/A, I can't draw worth a crap D:
Anything Else?: I want some tea right now. Do you have any tea leaves?

In-Character Information
Name: Mint (Chikorita)

Game/Series: Pokémon

Age & Grade Level: 15, Freshman


Mint is the kind of Pokémon you could be friends easily with. She's very amiable, sociable and overall a kind and caring person. It's hard for her not to be happy and radiant around people she knows or is getting to know. However, it can sometimes seem like she's a hyper personality when really she's just overjoyed. She loves it when she makes others feel good, and doesn't hesitate to cheer up any of her friends that are feeling down. She loves to run, and to play around when she can, even if nobody's around. You might find her leaping from place to place in her Chikorita form, giggling and enjoying herself. Her favorite place to be is outside, where there's an unlimited amount of space for her to bound around and have a blast.

However, her joyousness can sometimes lead to clumsiness and klutziness, tripping over things she doesn't see in her cheerful state, or bumping into people on accident. Though the latter is much rarer since she's generally aware of her surroundings, there are times where she will look away for a second and the next she might plow right into a tree. It actually used to be a lot worse when she was younger, but she is more aware of where she's going, just not enough to where she won't run into things. It doesn't help that sometimes she'll knock into something and do damage to it due to how fast she was running.

Despite her bubbly attitude and amiable demeanor, even Mint has a serious side to her, although it's reserved for those times when her friends are in danger. You antagonize her friend or make fun of them? You better watch out for a small green animal bounding up to Body Slam you. While she can't let herself get very angry because of her general optimism, she can be quite a bit to deal with when riled up in this manner. She is very protective of her friends when the time comes, and generally not even fear can make her back down. The only downside to this is that she does not have very much fighting experience from her childhood days, and thus may not pose a threat to some of the bigger challenges.

Mint loves exploring. She enjoys going and seeing new places, seeing what sights they bring to her. Large or small, she never tires of exploring. She's a curious sort, always ready to sate that feeling by exploring more, even if it comes to sneaking around or putting up with a little bit of danger. Though she's not curious enough to stick her nose into things where it obviously shouldn't belong, sometimes she can't help herself as her curiosity gets the better of her, or her clumsiness leads to being found out by someone else. She has a good memory for someone her age, able to map out the places she goes so that she never gets lost. She doesn't -always- remember everything perfectly, but she's a good resource to go to if you need someone with a mental map of where you're going.
31st-Mar-2010 06:46 am (UTC) - Mint the Chikorita app 2/?
Even this Chikorita has fears of her own - mainly from being a grass type and things from her childhood. She has a fear of heights, though moreso standing high in the air than jumping over and through things. Another thing is fear of birds, such as Pidgeys and Spearows - Mint has seen how they prey on Caterpies and Weedles, and it causes her to fear they'll hunt her next due to being green and an on-the-ground creature. Some larger Pokémon and large things tend to scare her due to their sheer size and her small stature - as a human this would not apply as much. She also has an issue with self-confidence - unless she's in a serious mood, she'll tend to back down from someone challenging her or say that she'd rather have fun, while hiding the fact that she's not very skilled in battling.

When it comes to Mint being in danger, she tends to run rather than fight, especially if she knows she cannot win. Whereas if her friends are in danger she'll fight, if it's her own self, she finds her speed can get her away from most enemies and predators, although she generally seeks shelter if it's a flying type Pokémon. Her inexperience in fighting works against her in that if she decides to fight, it could risk her fainting or getting seriously injured.

Mint's motivations are simple - if it makes her friends happy, she'll generally do what she can for them. If her friends are in danger or are hurt, she'll help them. If there's an adventure to be had, she'll waste no time in inviting friends and going on it. And if she's in a new place or somewhere foreign to her, she'll go right along and explore it as best she can as soon as possible, mapping it out and learning where everything is. If it's sunny outside, you'll find her out there nine times out of ten as she loves clear skies and sunny days.

She hates being made fun of, teased and ridiculed by others, but rushes to defend her friends if they are in that same position. Despite being a small Pokémon, she thinks size doesn't matter and that it's what you do that makes you good or bad. She's a selfless Pokémon that will always put her friends before her own safety, to the point that she puts herself into danger without thinking about it.

Mint's ideal goal is to become a well-known explorer who adventures with her friends and sees the world. Her dream is to visit as many places as she can, as much as she can in her life. She has a passion for exploring that will never burn out, and would like to share that passion with her friends once she's able to.


Mint was born from a Tyranitar and a Meganium in Ilex Forest, and for years the forest remained her home. The Tyranitar never stayed much to care for Mint, so her mother did most of the nurturing in the early years. She taught Mint everything she needed to know, which was basically run around, get food from trees, don't run into things, gee the latter thing failed didn't it and when she reached the age of 10 she knew how to survive on her own.

She had a penchant for running off to explore the rest of the forest, looking at the Pokémon that resided there, and eventually learning where everything was. As a couple more years passed, she befriended some of the Pokémon in the forest, such as a Pineco and a Caterpie, who joined her in her explorations. Eventually, they explored the outskirts of the forest, and learned that Ilex Forest lay near Azalea Town, a place they had never seen before.
3rd-Apr-2010 06:08 am (UTC) - Ashley Part 1/? (Wrong one was posted XD)
Out-of-Character Information
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Kati
Are you over 15?: Yes..Yes I am
LJ username: mizunokati
Time Zone: -5 GMT
AIM: MercuryDestiny
MSN: MizunoGlide@Gmail.com (I don't use MSN often)
E-mail: MizunoGlide@Gmail.com
Anything Else?: AIM more often then not

In-Character Information
Name : Ashley Mizuki Robbins
Game/Series: Trace Memory
Age & Grade Level: 15, 9th Grade/Freshman


Ashley is very skeptical of people due to trauma that happened in early childhood and after the incident on Blood Edward Island. She is very tentative when trusting others. She has worked on this a bit and will try to make friends but keep a eye out for any trouble. People who do not seem trustworthy, she would rather avoid unless she absolutely had to go near them.

She is very intelligent and is very into puzzles, coming from figuring out the puzzles on the island quickly. She is quite interested in some of the stranger classes for 'normal' school kids, Mostly to find out more about it. She is very emotional at times, changing from happy to angry at a moments notice, especially when upset or sad.

She can be quite headstrong and this gets her into trouble more often than not, although at the same time she's helped save a life. Once convinced of her beliefs, She will stick to it unless it is proven otherwise. Even at that point, it isn't easy to get her to see the other side.

Ashley will often take time to stop and repeat things in her mind. Her belief is that the more she does this, more likely she will remember it. She was taught this when she was on the island and has kept doing this. She is convinced that this will help her remember and will suggest it to others.

3rd-Apr-2010 06:10 am (UTC) - Ashley Part 2/?
Backstory: (SPOILER WARNING!!! Will be marked once again)

For the first 3 years of her life, Ashley lived with her parents. They had a normal life and lived happily. On October 30th, Ashley's 3rd birthday, that all changed in a violent moment. A man the child had never seen before came into the house to talk with her mother, demanding something. Sayoko hid the toddler in a closet so she would be safe, not knowing what was about to happen. Ashley was very uncertain why she was hidden, nor why the voices of the man and her mother were very angry. As she opened the door to peek out, she saw the man shoot her mother. She hid back into the closet once more, curling up and hoping she wasn't found. Hours later, her father had come home to find the grizzly scene and looked for his daughter. When he found her, he pulled her close to try and comfort her before leaving her under the table and walking out of her life.

When she was found, she was sent to live with her Aunt Jessica. Every so often she would ask about her parents, but would get the same answer every year, "They were taken by a man." At 10, she decided to take her word for it, figuring she would not get any more information then that. At 13, She decided she didn't want to celebrate her birthday anymore. Her dreams were starting to bother her more and more. She swore they were of her 3rd birthday and the events that happened. Her aunt brushed these off, saying they were her imagination running away.

The very next year, Ashley received a mysterious package in the mail. She wasn't very sure about it but she opened it anyway. Inside was a small device and a letter. The letter was a simple, "Happy Birthday Ashley!" Once the device was opened, another letter was brought up, requesting she meet her father, who she thought was dead, on Blood Edward Island. Even though she had not heard from the man in years, she decided to make plans and head there anyways, Wanting to hear why he left her alone for so long.

When they arrived at the Island, they noticed that Richard was not there waiting for them. Jessica told Ashley to wait and talk to the Captain and went to go look for him. With great reluctance, she did so, but soon realized that she had been gone too long. She took off in the direction of the bridge and soon found Jessica's glasses, thus starting her adventure on the island. As she searched the island for her aunt, she accidentally moved a gravestone and awakened D, a ghost who surprises Ashley with the fact she can see him. They decided to stick together and went to go search the mansion for her father and aunt.
3rd-Apr-2010 07:22 pm (UTC) - Me again! - Teacher Wave 1
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Jifufu
Are you over 15?: Yes
LJ username: greatevilgenius
Time Zone: -5 GMT
AIM: SirFortuneCookie
Anything Else?: Hey are you sick of me yet? 8D (Also if the writing samples aren't recent enough I will write new ones)
3rd-Apr-2010 07:22 pm (UTC) - Me again! - Teacher Wave 2
In-Character Information
Name: Wave the Swallow
Game/Series: Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic Riders)
Age & Teaching Position: 19, Auto Shop
Living Arrangements: Teacher Dorms

Wave the Swallow is a genius mechanic, a computer wizard, and exceptionally intelligent. And she will make sure you don't forget any of those facts. She can be arrogant and overbearing at times; she is not modest in the slightest about her own skills on an Extreme Gear or as a mechanic. She has little patience for the stupid, or those she perceives as stupid, and can be easily irritated having to explain something two or more times. She has a sharp tongue, and will mock people who get on her nerves, her enemies, and even her friends. What helps you tell the difference is that Wave's jabs for her friends are less cruel and more teasing. Don't tell her that friends don't tease each other, because she won't ever believe it. She is very observant as well. If she realizes she's making a friend uncomfortable, she will stop or lighten up. Her observational skills extend beyond this; often she will notice things others miss, and has a keen eye for detail.

Wave loves creating things, especially mechanical things. She's a hands-on person, and is of the mindset that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. She loves to take things apart to see how they work, and has a passion for improving things. She's been that way ever since she was a child. Wave was a mechanical prodigy, a skill her father gladly nurtured, helping her grow into the genius she is today. She holds her father in high regard as the most intelligent person she knows, and is the only person she'll ever call smarter than her. Her greatest talent is for building Extreme Gears, high speed hoverboards powered by air. She can easily size up a person's skill level and build a Gear tailored to enhance their particular strengths and minimize their weaknesses. She constructed all of the Gears that the Rogues use in their work. She is very proud of her work, and believes no one can truly match her skill. However, if she sees someone create something that is superior to hers or rivals hers, the best they can expect from her is a terse "Good job", or outright denial. It depends on her relationship with the person in question.

Wave considers her leadership abilities top notch, even above those of Jet. She has the strategic mind to plan every one of the team's heists, but in the end even she succumbs to Jet's charisma. She often says she could do a better job leading the Rogues than Jet, but it's her begrudging respect for him that keeps her in line. More recently she has become firmly ingrained in Team Sonic, particularly since she started to date Sonic himself. She considers Sonic slightly more mature than Jet as a leader, more in control of himself and the situation than Jet. She respects Sonic and Knuckles both, and similarly this is why she's willing to go along with their plans with minimal fuss.

More recently, Wave has also found herself quite conflicted. She feels torn between two worlds; between her life with the Babylon Rogues, a life of adventure and intrigue mixed with larceny, and between her new life with Sonic and friends, a life where she has love and affection, good friends, and can make a difference for good. She cares deeply about the Rogues as well as her new friends, and often feels that to fully embrace one would be a betrayal of the other. She tries to reconcile these feelings, often bouncing back and forth between moods, but she is unquestioningly devoted to both the Rogues and Neo Team Sonic, and would lay down her life for either of them.
4th-Apr-2010 03:47 am (UTC) - Annnnd here's Gio! Part 1/?
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Cassandra
Are you over 15?: Yes
LJ username: lil_rebbitzen
Time Zone: -5 GMT
AIM: lilrebbitzen or Lil_rebbitzen@yahoo.com
MSN: None
E-mail: lil_rebbitzen@yahoo.com
Tegaki: None
Anything Else?:  I use Yahoo mostly, but now have AIM up quite often. I don't believe I have any others that I don't use. I also can be found on Facebook.

In-Character Information
Name : Giovanni
Game/Series: Pokémon
Age & Teaching Position: 38, Geology
Living Arrangements: Teacher Dorms, a private room if available

To call Giovanni arrogant would be a bit of an understatement. Thanks to a privileged upbringing, he has always had the best of everything, and he is used to it, though he is quite able to survive in the woods or field for awhile, and has done so. He is more than capable in a fight (Pokémon or combat), but to some extent would rather weave words so that he can convince others without having to dirty his hands.

In the past he was known for his cruelty to both man and beast, but recently he has become less so, and has in fact become quiet civil to people and Pokémon who are not his enemies. He is, for the most part, polite, rarely uses 'slang' when another 'real' word will do fine, and seems to genuinely try to be changed man, for better or worse. He does have a rough time trusting others, though, but when, or if, someone gains his trust, he will be rather loyal and reward that trust.

Though for the most part a serious individual, Giovanni has a few things he becomes excited about. His current hobby is reading, mostly researching different things about Earth, the earth, or ground-types, but he has been known to enjoy the occasional fantasy novel- a bit of a guilty pleasure, truth be told.
His serious nature, however, does limit his ability to suffer fools beyond a reasonable limit, and he often must take a step back emotionally in order to deal with them, lest he lower himself to their level. Beyond earth-related matters, though, there are only a few things that interest him.

Exploring and training are quite important to the ex-Rocket Boss, however. He works hard to strengthen both himself and his Pokémon by a strict training regimen they have each day. On the weekends, however, he explores the nature and geography of the area surrounding the City, and has a tendency to lose track of time when he finds a cave or something else that interests him.

In addition, his nature can become rather melancholic when families are brought up, and while he is able to mask his emotions to an extent, he has been known to politely excuse himself from conversation when it becomes too much. Despite this, he does keep photos in his wallet of loved ones, perhaps for remembering those he is searching for.

4th-Apr-2010 03:49 am (UTC) - Re: Annnnd here's Gio! Part 2/?
Born to a wealthy household, the young Giovanni had much expected of him. He went to the best school, so he was expected to have the best grades, which, for the most part, he did. He had the last Gym Leader of Kanto as his father, so he was expected to be an expert battler. With much training and practice, he was. His mother was a notorious business woman, so he was expected to learn practices both legit and ones that were not so much, and this he did.
To his father, Giovanni was a capable, intelligent, and good son, if somewhat of a proud child. To his mother, however, he was a failure and a brat, and she made no effort to hide her dislike for the boy, who she deemed to be a waste of time, and therefore a waste of money. Nannies and Aunts were the caretakers for the boy when his mother refused to do so, and so despite his father doing his best to revere the damage, the boy started becoming like her.

What breaks he got from her started when he began his journey were short, though, as she insisted that he make himself useful and learn to run a business. While most children were battling gym leaders, the young man found himself stuck in an office, learning management skills and how to deal with employees. When he was able to get away, though, he learned from his father the skills needed for battling Pokémon and for defeating challengers. So it was no surprise that his father handed him the keys to the gym, but it was one when the young man started making plans for corporate takeovers for his mother. The tactics for battles weren't much different than those for taking out business competitors, he realized, and he even began implementing non-legit practices in order to get the job done.

Somewhere along the way, when he became an adult, Giovanni tried running an honest business on the side, but as others crowded in on the business' “territory” of selling items, he implemented more of the same practices he had learned, and came up with others to supplement them. They couldn't get enough product to make a quota? Bribe the manufacturer or, if practical, stealing it from a competitor. He soon expanded the business to include Pokémon, and he soon found that that dishonest dealings saved both money and time even more so in this. After all, catching Pokémon to sell took time to find and money to feed and catch with a Pokéball. But, what if they were stolen? It started out targeting trainers who were 'unworthy' to have their Pokémon, by misusing them, then became unworthy by any definition. Around this time, the young man took himself a wife, and started a family as well.

The business, named Team Rocket now, began to thrive as ne-er-do-wells and criminals, petty and hardened alike, flocked to the organization, and as it became more powerful, the ambition in the man grew along with it. It wasn't just for proving his mother wrong or making a decent living now. He had power and money, and he reveled in the feeling of it. Power and money attracted enemies of course, but they were dealt with easily, by diplomatic means, or otherwise. The enemies somehow made the ecstasy that all this brought grow, and he started after large corporations, one of which would be Silph Co. There were agents and bases everywhere now, and you never knew if there might be a mole around in your line of work. The little company had become a thriving business, and business was very, very good.

A little over a year ago, however, something happened. A boy named Red came along, somehow repeatedly destroying Giovanni's evil plans, and finally defeated him for good at the Viridian City Gym. After the humiliating defeat, the leader of Team Rocket disbanded the organization, and swore to train to better himself. Shortly following the loss, Giovanni left his family, including a young boy name Silver, to pursue his goal. This proved to be a rather bad move on his part, and by the time he came to this conclusion, his family was nowhere to be found.

12th-Apr-2010 01:19 am (UTC)
This SHOULD give me enough time to fill out a really nice app

Name: Chloe
LJ username: theindigokid
Character Reserving: Silver
Game Series: Pokemon
12th-Apr-2010 11:32 pm (UTC)
You got it, dude.

April 26th!
Out-of-Character Information
Name: dah nah nah
Are you over 15?: i wanna be the very best
LJ username: like no one ever was
Time Zone: to catch them is my real test
AIM: to train them is my cause
MSN: i will travel across the land
E-mail: searching far and wide
Tegaki: teach pokemon to understand

Reccomended Listening:

In-Character Information
Name: Red
Game/Series: Pokemon (Red/Blue/Gold/Silver and all rehashes)
Age & Grade Level: 18, senior
He is the trainer your trainer could smell like.

In all honesty, he's a stoic kid. Very quiet. Red doesn't really speak unless spoken to - he's not exactly antisocial or anything, but it takes him a while to come out of his shell. He really gives off that "I don't give a Rattata's ass about anything you have to say ever" sort of vibe the first couple of times you meet him. He has the basic look of a kid that's seen the world and just wasn't satisfied with anything for very long.

Red has pretty much the coolest of cool tempers. Even in the face of almost-imminent death, his game face never falters. He kind of has a problem with challenges of any kind, though... "Hey, I bet you can't eat this entire 6-foot submarine sandwich by yourself." "Try me." "My Pokemon are so much better than yours no way can you beat them." "Wanna bet?" He is Stinkored 20x6.

Even though he looks like the coolest customer on the block, he's... Kind of a dork underneath it all. Red could literally talk for hours about Pokemon. He loves the little (and not-so-little) critters, no matter how ugly they may look. Probably more than normal people should. He is to his Pokemon what Cesar Milan wishes he was to dogs. Red has a real compassionate streak when it comes to tiny (and also not so tiny) woodland creatures and maybe even sometimes people. He's all for defending those that can't defend themselves.

He's very easy to talk to, as long as you're the one initiating the conversation. Maybe it's just because he's such a quiet guy, but he's an ok listener. He makes it a point to be civil and courteous, too - even to his supposed enemies. Just because he doesn't like someone is no reason to be a total dick. He tries to avoid people about 7 times out of 10. It's not like he's totally antisocial or anything, but he really just prefers the company of his Pokemon.

Basically he's the silent protagonist type. Quiet, calm, and stony; but he's got the chewy caramel center heart of a softie underneath that Ice Queen-brand exterior.
(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)
28th-Apr-2010 08:09 pm (UTC) - PROTON // ogawdwhatamIdoing
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Pru
Are you over 15?: Yes
LJ username: zwinglii
Time Zone: -8 GMT
AIM: MyCrashBomb
E-mail: to-the-kolkhoz@hotmail.com
Tegaki: I will have to make one. SOON.
Anything else?:
28th-Apr-2010 08:10 pm (UTC) - PROTON // Irlydon'tknow
In-Character Information
Name : Proton
Game/Series: HG/SS
Age & Grade Level : ‘17’ / junior || THOUGH he is really ‘19-21’
Personality: The first word that may come to mind when seeing Proton is, Wrath. Though this might be more to the fact it seems to be his favorite word to yap out when trying to appear intimidating to little kids less than half his age. However it is stated that he is rumored to be the ‘scariest and cruelest of Team Rocket’ but despite this fact or perhaps because of it- he is the most popular of the executives. Having a small following of fans when it comes to the female Grunts of Team Rocket- though he may be a bit oblivious to this fact seeing as he didn’t notice the one that was pressing her face against the glass separating her from the room he was in back at the Radio tower of Goldenrod. He also seems to harbor a liking to Slowpokes which exudes itself in his practice of--- slicing off their tails as produce.

Really there isn’t much depth to Proton’s personality, one could compare him to the average Team Rocket grunt and there wouldn’t be that much difference. He is portrayed as being scary and cruel, despite none of it really showing any more than any other bad guy calling Main Characters brats, then again, chopping off the tails of Slowpokes could be compared to the cruel act of some maniac cutting off the tails of dogs—but the cruel part of the matter seems to fade a bit in the aspect by the time a Slowpoke realizes it’s tail has been horribly sliced off with shears—they have already grown it back and probably don’t even experience the pain of the act.
29th-Apr-2010 12:58 am (UTC) - Apollo 1 (this app nearly killed me sob...)
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Leena
Are you over 15?: Yes'ms
LJ username: akeningyou
Time Zone: -8 GMT
AIM: teriyakibulgogi
MSN: mightstalkyou@hotmail.com
E-mail: teriyakibulgogi@aol.com
Tegaki: Uhm... N/A?
Anything Else?: I am on AIM whenever I am on the computer. Which is a lot. As for MSN... well, I won't log into it unless someone REALLY REALLY wants me over there. I can't draw so I don't think I'll get a Tegaki... sorry.

In-Character Information
Name : Archer (eng)/Apollo (jpn) (I prefer Apollo)
Game/Series: Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver (also Fire Red/Leaf Green if you stretch it)
Age & Grade Level: '18', Senior (In truth he is in his mid-twenties)
29th-Apr-2010 01:00 am (UTC) - Apollo 2 (here's where the tl;dr starts...)
Personality: Of all the executives of Team Rocket, Apollo appears to be the one most dedicated to Team Rocket and most importantly their former boss Giovanni. As the acting "boss" in Giovanni's absence Apollo exhibits exceptional leadership skills by not only reviving the once-abolished Team Rocket but also organizing and directing the group for the sole purpose of bringing Giovanni back. As a matter of fact, if he wanted to Apollo could have probably declared himself the permanent new leader of Team Rocket, which in turn would have most likely saved the organization a lot of grief in the long run... yet instead, for one reason or another, he is fixated on the notion of Giovanni returning to Team Rocket. Although certainly many, if not all, the members of the neo Team Rocket wish for Giovanni's return Apollo stands apart from the rest in his loyalty, swearing from the moment he hears of Giovanni's defeat that he would find his boss, who by then had disappeared without a trace to "train in solitary". To hit the creepily-loyal-to-Giovanni thing home... in HG/SS all but one of his lines mention Giovanni in some way. Even when he is defeated at the Radio Tower he states that he will disband Team Rocket "like Giovanni has done before me". So not only is he exceedingly devoted to his old boss, but he appears to like to mimic him as well.

Stepping away from the Giovanni obsession for now... in general Apollo appears to be a very serious, goal-orientated individual. He is very much the "big-boss" type character that doesn't like getting personally involved in operations unless he absolutely needs to be... as made apparent by the fact that you can only meet and fight him once in the HG/SS games, and only once you get to Team Rocket's "final stage" as it were. He much prefers to pull strings from behind the scenes and is more of a schemer than a fighter. That isn't to say he can't fight if he has to. Though his phsyical fighting skills aren't anything special he is an exceptional pokemon trainer and his Houndoom in particular can be quite formidable (read: it kicked the mun's butt like three times).
29th-Apr-2010 05:11 am (UTC) - Squirtle 1
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Kati
Are you over 15?: Yes..Yes I am
LJ username: mizunokati
Time Zone: -5 GMT
AIM: MercuryDestiny
MSN: MizunoGlide@Gmail.com (I don't use MSN often)
E-mail: MizunoGlide@Gmail.com
Anything Else?: AIM more often then not

In-Character Information
Name : Squirtle
Game/Series: Pokemon
Age & Grade Level: 13 Freshman


Squirtle is a relaxed and gentle water-type Pokémon. He is is pretty laid back when it comes to anything other then battling. To others, he is very respectful, if not extremely curious about things he has never seen before. He is slightly naive to evil intents, and he feels like everyone has a good side, even if they don't ever show it. He is quite happy being a Squirtle and gets annoyed when others tease him about it. He will defend the fact that he can be as tough as the rest of the group even as a Squirtle.

Squirtle loves to swim, as many water Pokemon do. In water, Squirtle can follow directions without much trouble. When on land, or in human form, He has some trouble figuring out directions. He gets into some trouble because of this, wandering into places his isn't supposed to be. He will apologize and make his way back to where he should be heading. Due to this, he prefers to swim his way to where he is going, just so he will stay out of trouble.

Red and the rest of the team to him is his family. He considers himself the youngest of the group, seeing as he is the only one who has not evolved, and he does not plan to anytime soon. When he is troubled or worried about something, he will head to them first and foremost. After that, If needed, he will end up telling teachers or others who could be involved. Squirtle is extremely loyal to Red, as most Pokemon feel towards their trainers after going through the entire league.

When he is put into a serious battle, his personality does a complete 180. Instead of being the kind and goofball kid he is in normal life, he gets determined and serious. One thing that does stay the same is his determination not to quit even when the tables are turned against him. He will keep going until he is either knocked out or called back. Once the battle ends, he returns to his friendly self once more. During more friendly spars and training he will have a portion of this determination and seriousness but will keep his friendly demeanor.
29th-Apr-2010 05:13 am (UTC) - Squirtle 2

Squirtle was hatched with a pair of Blastoise who were owned by a kind breeder couple who lived on the edge of Route 6 and Vermilion City. He was raised around many other types of Pokemon, mostly being sent out as starters for new trainers. The couple wished to raise him and a few others that had hatched about the same time before sending them out, having places in mind for the group.

The first few years or his life, he stayed near the couple's house, slipping out from under the fence to go and see what was around with a good portion of that group. The group of Pokemon would cause trouble, often leaving Squirtle to be blamed for most of it. His mother, when he saw her, would tell him not to go with that group and he would respond, "But they are my friends, Why wouldn't I go and make sure they are alright?" So he kept going out and often getting the blame.

One day, when he had wandered into mischief again, a Officer caught him and held onto him, believing this would keep him out of trouble. Squirtle was worried, knowing the group would not come after him and bring him back. He waited inside the Pokeball for a few days. When the Officer gave him away to a up and coming trainer, Squirtle was quite worried, especially after he saw the rest of the team. His worried slowly melted away as he decided to work as hard as he could, to prove that he could be as good as the others. After a moment to figure out where to go, since one way was blocked, they headed off.

They soon arrived in Lavender, which creeped the water type out. Once they headed into the tower and were attacked by ghosts, Squirtle fought what he could and was more than happy to leave that place once the way was blocked by a ghost. They were coming back later, but Squirtle was just happy to get out of the scary place.

Once in Celadon, Squirtle stayed out of the fight with Erika, seeing as he would go down quickly. Once the rumors were flying about the city, Red sent his team after the Rockets, getting closer and closer to the Boss of the group. Once the gang and Boss were defeated, they headed back to Lavender. Squirtle was not happy about this but did not complain, fighting the ghosts again as he was asked to. They rescued an Old Man and then took off to the next place on the list.
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
6th-May-2010 04:04 am (UTC) - Heather - Fire Emblem 1/idk
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Sarararah
Are you over 15?: I am a permanent loli I mean yes.
LJ username: kitanylilac
Time Zone: -8 (PST)
AIM: Precure Black
MSN: KittanyLilac@hotmail.com
E-mail: NoonanS.M@gmail.com
Tegaki: Too lazy to dig it up.
Anything Else?: i think sbg is a prety cool guy eh plays nintendos and doesnt afraid of anything.

In-Character Information
Name: Heather
Game/Series: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Age & Grade Level: 18, Senior
6th-May-2010 04:05 am (UTC) - 2/idk
Personality: Heather is very caring, although her method of caring might seem a bit skewed to some. After all, she resorted to a life of crime in order to pay for her ill mother's medicine. Heather has no qualms about stealing. She'll cheat and lie to get what she wants and most of the time, what she wants is money. With a sick mother to care for and war tearing apart the nation, Heather had to fend for herself growing up. Notably, her main target tends to be men. Part of this is because, using her own looks and charm, she has found it far easier to subdue male targets over females. On the other hand, there's a part of her that doesn't like being cruel to women. For example, when she first met the mage Ilyana, she decided to trick "some dope who thinks she's cute" into giving her some food to share with her.

In conjunction with this, there are times when Heather’s behavior may come off as outright misandry. She openly prefers men over women, and not just in the department of romance. Heather considers men to be more incompetent while women reign superior. This opinion has likely lessened over time, given her experience with both male and female comrades in the war, but that doesn't stop her from teasing any and all guys whom she meets, especially when she can get a little stolen pocket change out of it.

Heather is also a rather shameless flirt. She sees nothing wrong with flaunting her good looks in order to get what she wants. However, once she has reached her goal, most men will see a sudden shift in her personality; after all, she has no romantic desire to pursue men. In reality, her true romantic endeavors are directed at women. Unfortunately for the targets of Heather's affections, Heather also has no problem taking extreme measures in her efforts to seduce those she desires. By this, I mean she will occasionally cop a feel or two. She'll gladly back down if asked, but that doesn't necessarily mean she's going to give up on her affections...
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
12th-May-2010 06:05 am (UTC) - SNAP IS LAZY

13th-May-2010 03:45 am (UTC) - MOD ACCEPT #1
Looking good!
12th-May-2010 06:11 am (UTC) - Nailah App

I am linking to the full app here:

13th-May-2010 03:42 am (UTC) - Mod Accept 1/2
F-- not french enough

just kidding it's accepted
(Deleted comment)
12th-May-2010 06:26 am (UTC) - rafiel || 2/6
Personality: Here is Emily writing an app on painkillers and writing things out of order have fun

Rafiel is a typical heron, and by that I mean he is serene, gentle, kind, and passive. Anyone has the capability to dominate the likes of a heron (well, one that fits the stereotype such as Rafiel) because of their nature. It's also stated that a characteristic heron is accepting of their natural fate, which Rafiel seems to be as well. Rafiel is over-apologetic and sometimes talks too much, even for the good of himself, as herons tire easily and get sick often, especially when negative energies envelop them. This, too, makes them controllable, but that isn't to say they have no will.

Rafiel has utterly devoted himself to a companion by the name of Nailah for reasons further explained below. People around him are unable to sway his opinions about his future with the Wolf Queen. Rafiel, as I mentioned previously, is apologetic to a fault. When something is questionable or even implied as being wrong, Rafiel will apologize on his own behalf and for anyone around him. Ike even told him to stop apologizing once, it was so excessive.

Unlike his siblings, Rafiel's attitude hasn't been changed to mimic that of his protector, as Reyson and Leanne did with Tibarn. Rafiel is graceful and would never dream of hurting a fly, as a heron prince is expected to be.

Aside from being graceful and gentle and all that, the prince is undoubtedly pretty: all of the heron royals are, what with their porcelain skin, long gold hair and white wings that give them that angelic appearance. In Tellius, they are sought after by corrupt beorc royalty as pretty pets, and anyone would pay a high price. This, each heron is keenly aware of and probably accounts for some first-hand suspicion to certain behaviors. However, herons have the unique ability to peer into their company's soul and check their thoughts and emotions. Some call it rude, but herons never seem to have ill intentions.

Herons have a special ability. Since they do no physical harm to others, their voice carries magic instead. A song of theirs could heal a corrupted soul, destroy an entire population, or revive a vast city. These songs are called Galdrar, and they come in various forms and take various amounts of effort to conduct. Sure, herons can sing without magic embedded in their words, but when they do, it works wonders. The various sorts of songs they sing include, but are not limited to, the Galdr of Release, Galdr of Vigor, Bliss, Sorrow, Valor, Recovery, Rebirth, and Slumber. There are many unnamed Galdrar that are described within the game but never actually named. On that note, herons just seem to always have angelic voices that are nothing but pleasure to hear, and Rafiel is no exception. He seems to love singing in his spare time, even if he makes up the song on the spot.

Overall, there is no way Rafiel would ever try to hurt anyone. He is always aiming to be kind to all and isn't far from almost motherly. His emotions never go too excessive, but it happens occasionally. He's passive and rather blithe, for the most part. He can also be rather talkative and often times needs to be told to shut up before he hurts himself. It's easy to get ideas into his head as well, but if Nailah's present, she'll usually try to nullify any of the radical ideas from his head so as not to change his nature.
(Deleted comment)
16th-May-2010 08:30 pm (UTC) - Let's count how many shotas Angela plays 1/3
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Angela
Are you over 15?: oh shit
LJ username: scarlaluna
Time Zone: -8 Pacific Time duuuudes
AIM: dizzywings
MSN: --
E-mail: cherry_berry6330@hotmail.com
Tegaki: --
Anything Else?: I caved. 5 months of twiddling my fingers and I caved. I CAN APP WHAT I WANNA APP GOT THAT? good.
In-Character Information
Name : Bugsy
Game/Series: Pokemon GSC/HGSS
Age & Grade Level: 12, freshman

Personality: Does the term “Walking Bug Pokémon Encyclopedia” mean anything to you? Because that’s Bugsy. The walking talking bug Pokémon encyclopedia. Have a question about bugs? He’s probably got an answer for you waiting right off the tip of his tongue. In short, Bugsy really likes bugs and has devoted an enormous chunk of his life to research. Sometimes, he may come off as a bit of a know-it-all, but he’s not trying to! Bugsy is just passionate about what he studies.

He’s confident and capable in Pokémon battles. Bugsy is secure in his ability, and rightfully so, but may sometimes get in over his head due to stints of overconfidence and a tendency to get cocky, since he firmly believes in the power of bug Pokémon and wants nothing more than to prove their hidden potential to challengers. But at the same time, he is a good sport, always playing fair and taking measures to ensure his opponent is on an equal playing field. He can be somewhat cheeky if his personality decides to flip to a more impudent side; this is usually evoked by insulting bug-type Pokémon, ffff no surprises there. Another popular topic people like to throw at Bugsy is that, well, truth be told, he kind of looks like a girl. 50% of the time he is confused for one. He will politely tell you otherwise if you bring it up, though, unless you’re totally pulling his hair about it. Then it’s a Scyther to the face. >:(

But generally speaking, Bugsy is responsible, kind, well-mannered, and friendly. He is pretty mature for his age but still retains an upbeat and youthful energy. Once he puts his mind to something, good luck getting him to put it down. He will fly with his ideas like the wind~ Most of what drives Bugsy to do what he does is passion- it’s how he earned his place as Azalea Town’s gym leader, after all! He doesn’t spend all this time cooped up in the gym, though. Bugsy usually designates certain days of the week to be gym days and others to be days he can wind down and do what he loves best: bug catching. Of course, by now he’s got this in the bag, and he’s got more bugs than he knows what to do with, so most of the time he winds up releasing everything he does catch. He’s so good at snagging them that, on days when the Bug-Catching Contest his held at National Park, he feels it’s more fair and appropriate that he watches instead of participates, since... he always ends up winning anyway. But that’s okay. Anything that deals with bugs is perfectly fine by Bugsy, even if it’s just kicking back to observe or indulging his fans with a tip or two. Most of them are net-waving bug fanatics. Why isn't that surprising.

Bugsy generally gets along better with Pokemon than people- especially bug-types, but that definitely does not mean he doesn’t like shaking hands with people. Actually, Bugsy can turn into quite the social butterfly- he has a network of acquaintances he likes to talk to or battle. Most of them are, as you may have guessed already, fellow bug-catchers, or challengers who he still keeps in touch with. These friendships aren’t all that deep, though, so by the end of the day his true friends are always his trusty Pokemon.

I sure hope I mentioned he likes bug types. Because he likes bug types.
16th-May-2010 08:34 pm (UTC) - Answer: Not Enough. Also: I lied: 2/4
Backstory: Once upon a time, a chrysalis appeared. It opened, and Bugsy came out.

Bugsy grew up in Azalea Town. In this small region surrounded by deep forests and smoky smells, people and Pokémon coexist in peaceful harmony. Therefore, Bugsy had plenty of interactions with Pokémon ever since he could crawl. Somewhere along his early years, he developed a fascination with bug-type Pokémon. This preoccupation never left him, and the more time he spent in Ilex Forest watching Caterpies squirm and Ledyba fly, the deeper his love for them swelled. Pretty soon, he was making friends. Entire days were spent climbing after them and observing their perplexing behaviors and letting them inch across his skin. Yeah, it’s not even worth trying to count how many dinnertimes he probably missed out on playing with bugs. His parents weren’t too happy about that. :( You should have seen his mom flip when he brought that Paras home one evening. Bug boy’s mom doesn’t like bugs. It’s tragic.

So then Bugsy grew tired of their disapproval and was raised by a colony of Metapod from this day forth. The Kakuna on the other edge of the forest were not happy about this and pretty soon there was a bug war, and forbidden romance blossomed, and it ended like another West Side Story, only with more Harden

Having so many buggy friends definitely helped him become the trainer he is now. He understood them. He could predict them. He could even communicate with them, in odd ways. In this, they were easy to catch and raise. His skills as a Pokémon trainer developed at an alarming rate, and it wasn’t long before other trainers began labeling him as a prodigy. In time, the Johto League grew aware of this talent, and at the age of ten, he fought against the ranks to become the official gym leader of Azalea Town.

He hadn’t been an official trainer, though, which makes the story a little odder. Age ten is the acceptable age to begin catching and training Pokémon, but Bugsy had been doing this all along without authorization. This was viewed with a scrutinous eye, but eventually dropped when it was accepted that Bugsy was more than capable of handling the responsibility of training Pokémon. You didn’t really have to be ten to keep Pokemon with you, but you couldn’t challenge the league. Usually the scrutiny only popped up when the guilty party had their head handed to them by an 8-year-old and his Weedle.

Now, how did Bugsy wind up at this weird school, anyway? Well, for the past several months, he’s been receiving news about gym leaders who migrate there and teach. Sadly, Bugsy was not allowed to teach, and even if he was, woe betide our little Bugsy, but Misty stole the position he would have liked to teach. >:[ More noticeably, leaders all around Johto left for this enigmatic academy in a “different world”. First Falkner. Then Morty. And Jasmine, too. Knowing he has a gym to run, it was easier to stay, but one day, he let his decision run along with him and chose to come to Final Destination City. What is so fascinating about that place? Bugsy itches to know. He can always travel back to Azalea whenever he so pleases.
18th-May-2010 01:17 am (UTC) - PI! 1/???
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Itsss
Are you over 15?: still Yes
LJ username: a
Time Zone: GMT -7
E-mail: MY-
Tegaki: STER
Anything Else?: YYYYY B3

In-Character Information
Name : Pichu (Can be referred to as Spiky or Notchy ;; )
Game/Series: Pokemon
Age & Grade Level: 12, Freshman
18th-May-2010 01:18 am (UTC) - Picha!
Personality: Notchy, is for the most part.... a curious, hardheaded tomboy pichu. Her natural sense of adventure and her natural bubblyness help her be really friendly towards others. As said before, she's a huge tomboy, who'd rather get dirty and play fight than do something really girly. Despite her huge tomboyish effects, she's not a big roughhouse a lot of the time, she knows when to slightly fool with someone than to just keep on pressing their buttons.

She adores having friends with lots of energy like her and being able to play and just have a fun time all around. She'll befriend anyone willing to befriend her, and if they're generally good people. If they're being total butts... then you've got a 'chu who wouldn't want to help you do anything other than get shocked or something. If said person was being a terrible person to any of her friends, she's quick to jump and help them out, despite what they could do to her. It doesn't take a lot to set her off, but when she's set off, she won't stop until they back off. Notchy shows respect toward older people; such as the teachers and staff. By this, I mean she doesn't punch them in the shoulder and rough house with them that much. When speaking to an adult, she still spots a huge playful tone, unless it's a very serious matter at hand that's being discussed.

The girl's not one to show fear or sadness, figuring that she'd get all sorts of crap that she can't handle from a tough looking school like this; but if the situation is too much to handle, she'll be quick to find somewhere to show it, instead of towards others. She'll open up I swear. 8( Plus, emotions like that are ones that she'll still keep away, just because she hates doing stuff like that.

Activities and plenty of energy is a must for her, she loves to play outdoor sports, such as tag, soccer, or anything else she discovers, battling and brawling (though she tires quickly via electricity use), a lot of running, and just general nonsense. She loves playing with people, and her motto is: the more the merrier, especially if they love playing games as much as she does! One of the things she had discovered from being in the past and future was her love for music. After figuring out what it was, Notchy would actually go as close as she could to humans without actually getting into their sight while listening to whatever the humans listened to. She's gotten a good taste of a huge range of music, but prefers more modern pop/techno music than anything else... thanks to them ears of her's, as large as they are.
18th-May-2010 02:50 am (UTC) - Ness 1/?
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Gato (Amanda)
Are you over 15?: Yes.
LJ username: gatochick14
Time Zone: - 5 GMT (US Eastern)
AIM: gatomon8614
E-mail: trunksgurl914@yahoo.com
Anything Else?: I’m not always on AIM when I’m online. I’ll try to be on more after posting this app. I also wanted to ask about Ness’ relationships. I want to keep his intimate relationship with Paula, as, the game basically gives it to us, but, I would like to start fresh on his friendships from outside of his (MOTHER 2, Earthbound) canon, if possible.

In-Character Information
Name : Ness
Game/Series: MOTHER 2, or, Earhtbound in America. Personality and voice being taken from this comic retelling of the series.
Age & Grade Level: 14, Freshman

Personality: Kind and forgiving, Ness is the epitome of “the chosen one”. While he strives to defeat evil, he would rather see someone return to a normal frame of mind rather than outright defeat them. This doesn’t mean however, that he won’t destroy things/monsters. Ness has a strong, solid sense of right and wrong, with little to no grey area. Ness loves baseball most of all, but is also quite skilled with a yo-yo. Ness’s favorite food is Steak, and his mom is always happy to make it for him whenever he can get home from his adventuring. He tends to cut too much slack for Pokey, the evil kid next door, at one point they did have a friendship, and he still would like it to have stayed that way, rather than how things turned out.

However, Ness is no Link. While he may be the savior of the world, he’s not emotionless, and, at times his emotions can get the better of him. When Paula was being held captive at the Monotoli building, Ness not only smashed his way up to the top floor, but nearly savagely attacked Monotoli himself, who was at that point a fragile old man. Ness cares for all of his friends, and feels personally responsible for their safety, becoming embarrassed, ashamed, morose, and enraged if he fails in this task in some way. While Ness is generally a happy kid, he does get angry, especially at those committing evil acts consciously. If he is enraged so much, his power becomes an almost unstoppable explosive force, destroying everything in it’s path without any regard for the surroundings or bystanders. Thankfully, Ness is quite capable of keeping this form of rage under control. He has only hit this point once, when Paula was kidnapped by the Department Store Spook.
18th-May-2010 02:54 am (UTC) - Ness 2/?
Backstory: Onett town was just your average town, filled with average people living average lives. UNTIL. One night a pretty darn big meteor came crashing down on the local hillside! Ness, his house being closest after all, immediately hopped out of bed and went to see the commotion IN HIS JAMMIES. (YOU ALL HAVE DONE THAT AT LEAST ONCE. >_>). Upon reaching the site, Ness found it was blocked off by the police. His next door neighbor and “friend” Pokey Minch was bustling around, causing general grief for the poor officers. After being told by Pokey to go home with promises of intense meteor action the following day, Ness headed home and went back to bed. SEVERAL HOURS LATER there was the most annoying knock ever on the family door. Ness, being the courageous young boy he is went and opened it without a second thought. Seriously Ness, what if it had been an axe murderer? Luckily for him and his family, it was just Pokey. He had misplaced his younger brother Picky and begged Ness for help. So, Ness woke up his faithful mutt King and the trio set out to recover the lost Picky.

It was apparently “wild animal bonanza” out there, because Ness needed a bat to beat away all the stray dogs and spiteful crows and coil snakes that had it in for him and Pokey. Once the group made it to the meteorite, King wussed out and went home. Luckily Picky was found and told the real story, Pokey got scared of the Sharks, the local gang and ran off. Just as the group was about to go home, Pokey heard a weird buzzing. It was Buzz Buzz, the most awesome bee ever! Actually he wasn’t a bee. He was an alien who had come on the meteorite to guide the chosen one and his group of three others, two more boys and a girl to save the Earth from an evil entity called Giygas. Buzz Buzz firmly believed that Ness was the chosen one. Pokey prayed he wasn’t one of the group.

Heavy news on his mind, Ness decided to at least take the Minch kids back home. Just as they were going to go through the front door, a Starman Jr. attacked! Ness and Picky worked together with Buzz Buzz to neutralize the threat while Pokey wet himself in the corner. Buzz Buzz explained that the Starman had been sent as an assassin. Giygas certainly didn’t want Ness in the picture at all! So, Ness delivered the Minch kids to their abusive father and absentminded mother. Sadly, said mother mistook Buzz Buzz for a dung beetle and smashed his guts out. Seriously. An ordinary woman killed a PSI using bee. Anyway, Buzz Buzz, in his final breaths told Ness what he had to do to stop Giygas. He gave Ness a Sound Stone and told him to visit 8 separate points. These points were “Your Sanctuary”, and contained the power of the Earth. Each point would record in the sound stone, and once Ness had visited them all, he would become powerful enough to take out Giygas.

And so, Buzz Buzz passed in one of the shortest main character stints in history. Ness set out to the nearby town (he lived by the hills, remember?) and proceeded to kick the crap out of the local gang the Sharks all to get a key to a shack. It’s through the back of the shack though, that lead him to his first sanctuary, Giant Step. It wasn’t so easy to get there, even after opening the shack, as, a massive ant had taken up guarding the spot, and dared Ness to take it from him. Unlocking the power of PSI Rockin’, Ness was able to defeat the ant, and record the melody of Giant Step in his Sound Stone. Ness then proceeded to beat up the local police force, who thought he’d been causing trouble and weren’t about to let him move on to the next town. After a good whooping, they took down the barricade to Twoson, and Ness left his hometown.
21st-May-2010 04:24 am (UTC) - (ARGH. I'm not myself today.) Vespiquen the Teacher 1/3
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Fiirus
Are you over 15?: Over, Yes.
LJ username: sukanimar
Time Zone: GMT-5
AIM: Fiirus
E-mail: z.rockman@yahoo.com
Anything Else?: I try to stay on AIM most of the time I get. I use meebo a lot since my computer doesn't like to download the AIM program. I'm still a little new at this.

In-Character Information
Name : Vespiquen (Responds to Yaim)
Game/Series: Pokemon
Age & Teaching Position: 22, Art.
Living Arrangements: Teachers Dorm
21st-May-2010 04:26 am (UTC) - Vespiquen the Teacher 2/4
Personality: Yaim has a very front like personality. She tends to be a little rough after a greeting, but softens up as the conversation proceeds on. When alone she is calm and tends to lose herself in whatever activity she may be taking part in, some of the reason is due to her love for art. When drawing, painting, or sculpting she can be very direct with her words when someone tries to speak with her. She has no problem with standing up in front of many people and pokemon alike, to say a few words. Her soft spot is honey, whenever someone mentions it the conversation becomes honey only related. She doesn't eat sweets much due to her not trying to gain weight. She has this tendency to make friends quickly with someone. Even if it's one-sided friendship she'll be to dense to realize so. Her feelings towards males only make her think about boyfriends when they compliment her. It can range from "Your delecate beauty astounds my eyes and takes my mind a Heaven made of nectar." to "Nice painting." she'll blush from the slightest thing. But she can sense sarcasm in a snap. She can also lack common sense at times, not really understanding the obvious. Whenever a bee related joke is stated in a negitive way, she takes it seriously.
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