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Headmaster Master Hand
25th-Mar-2019 05:11 am
This application post is now closed.
Please go to this post for any character reservation you wish to fill out, and this post to post a completed application.

(No worries we will look at all the apps that have been submitted this week as well, you don't need to repost them in the new one. But please do not post any new apps here anymore)
4th-Apr-2010 03:47 am (UTC) - Annnnd here's Gio! Part 1/?
Out-of-Character Information
Name: Cassandra
Are you over 15?: Yes
LJ username: lil_rebbitzen
Time Zone: -5 GMT
AIM: lilrebbitzen or Lil_rebbitzen@yahoo.com
MSN: None
E-mail: lil_rebbitzen@yahoo.com
Tegaki: None
Anything Else?:  I use Yahoo mostly, but now have AIM up quite often. I don't believe I have any others that I don't use. I also can be found on Facebook.

In-Character Information
Name : Giovanni
Game/Series: Pokémon
Age & Teaching Position: 38, Geology
Living Arrangements: Teacher Dorms, a private room if available

To call Giovanni arrogant would be a bit of an understatement. Thanks to a privileged upbringing, he has always had the best of everything, and he is used to it, though he is quite able to survive in the woods or field for awhile, and has done so. He is more than capable in a fight (Pokémon or combat), but to some extent would rather weave words so that he can convince others without having to dirty his hands.

In the past he was known for his cruelty to both man and beast, but recently he has become less so, and has in fact become quiet civil to people and Pokémon who are not his enemies. He is, for the most part, polite, rarely uses 'slang' when another 'real' word will do fine, and seems to genuinely try to be changed man, for better or worse. He does have a rough time trusting others, though, but when, or if, someone gains his trust, he will be rather loyal and reward that trust.

Though for the most part a serious individual, Giovanni has a few things he becomes excited about. His current hobby is reading, mostly researching different things about Earth, the earth, or ground-types, but he has been known to enjoy the occasional fantasy novel- a bit of a guilty pleasure, truth be told.
His serious nature, however, does limit his ability to suffer fools beyond a reasonable limit, and he often must take a step back emotionally in order to deal with them, lest he lower himself to their level. Beyond earth-related matters, though, there are only a few things that interest him.

Exploring and training are quite important to the ex-Rocket Boss, however. He works hard to strengthen both himself and his Pokémon by a strict training regimen they have each day. On the weekends, however, he explores the nature and geography of the area surrounding the City, and has a tendency to lose track of time when he finds a cave or something else that interests him.

In addition, his nature can become rather melancholic when families are brought up, and while he is able to mask his emotions to an extent, he has been known to politely excuse himself from conversation when it becomes too much. Despite this, he does keep photos in his wallet of loved ones, perhaps for remembering those he is searching for.

4th-Apr-2010 03:49 am (UTC) - Re: Annnnd here's Gio! Part 2/?
Born to a wealthy household, the young Giovanni had much expected of him. He went to the best school, so he was expected to have the best grades, which, for the most part, he did. He had the last Gym Leader of Kanto as his father, so he was expected to be an expert battler. With much training and practice, he was. His mother was a notorious business woman, so he was expected to learn practices both legit and ones that were not so much, and this he did.
To his father, Giovanni was a capable, intelligent, and good son, if somewhat of a proud child. To his mother, however, he was a failure and a brat, and she made no effort to hide her dislike for the boy, who she deemed to be a waste of time, and therefore a waste of money. Nannies and Aunts were the caretakers for the boy when his mother refused to do so, and so despite his father doing his best to revere the damage, the boy started becoming like her.

What breaks he got from her started when he began his journey were short, though, as she insisted that he make himself useful and learn to run a business. While most children were battling gym leaders, the young man found himself stuck in an office, learning management skills and how to deal with employees. When he was able to get away, though, he learned from his father the skills needed for battling Pokémon and for defeating challengers. So it was no surprise that his father handed him the keys to the gym, but it was one when the young man started making plans for corporate takeovers for his mother. The tactics for battles weren't much different than those for taking out business competitors, he realized, and he even began implementing non-legit practices in order to get the job done.

Somewhere along the way, when he became an adult, Giovanni tried running an honest business on the side, but as others crowded in on the business' “territory” of selling items, he implemented more of the same practices he had learned, and came up with others to supplement them. They couldn't get enough product to make a quota? Bribe the manufacturer or, if practical, stealing it from a competitor. He soon expanded the business to include Pokémon, and he soon found that that dishonest dealings saved both money and time even more so in this. After all, catching Pokémon to sell took time to find and money to feed and catch with a Pokéball. But, what if they were stolen? It started out targeting trainers who were 'unworthy' to have their Pokémon, by misusing them, then became unworthy by any definition. Around this time, the young man took himself a wife, and started a family as well.

The business, named Team Rocket now, began to thrive as ne-er-do-wells and criminals, petty and hardened alike, flocked to the organization, and as it became more powerful, the ambition in the man grew along with it. It wasn't just for proving his mother wrong or making a decent living now. He had power and money, and he reveled in the feeling of it. Power and money attracted enemies of course, but they were dealt with easily, by diplomatic means, or otherwise. The enemies somehow made the ecstasy that all this brought grow, and he started after large corporations, one of which would be Silph Co. There were agents and bases everywhere now, and you never knew if there might be a mole around in your line of work. The little company had become a thriving business, and business was very, very good.

A little over a year ago, however, something happened. A boy named Red came along, somehow repeatedly destroying Giovanni's evil plans, and finally defeated him for good at the Viridian City Gym. After the humiliating defeat, the leader of Team Rocket disbanded the organization, and swore to train to better himself. Shortly following the loss, Giovanni left his family, including a young boy name Silver, to pursue his goal. This proved to be a rather bad move on his part, and by the time he came to this conclusion, his family was nowhere to be found.

4th-Apr-2010 03:50 am (UTC) - Re: Annnnd here's Gio! Part 3/3?
With that, he vanished to the rest of the world, until now, when he heard of the illustrious Smash Academy, which is looking for a Geology teacher. At first he dismissed the idea, but slowly it grew on him. What would be better that teaching the next generation of the wonderful earth that supported them? The knowledge that there was a rather extensive database and research center- one that might help him track down his family- helped the decision along, and so he finally chose to submit his application.

Anything Else?:
He has the following Pokémon at this time:
Nidoking, lvl 45
Nidoqueen, lvl 44
Murkrow, lvl 22
Rhydon, lvl 37

In-Character 1st person writing sample (journal):
Well, I have finally arrived at Smash Academy. It is a rather nice place, and the staff and students I have had the pleasure to make acquaintance with have been more than helpful and friendly. I believe this will be a very enjoyable place to teach at, if I am accepted, and I believe I may also be able to strengthen both myself and my Pokémon. Perhaps I can even work on some theories I have been postulating in my spare time, what with the large library. Perhaps I can locate what I have been searching for with the new resources at my disposal.

Either way...
It will be... nice...to start over.

My dear wife...Silver... if you ever locate this journal... I'm sorry. Please contact me if you can.

In-Character 3rd person writing post:

The ground trembled, scattering pebbles around, and bats flew around in a frenzy. Giovanni frowned, steadying himself against a column worn by the eons. He had come down here for a routine exploration, and it was just his luck that an earthquake would occur. He sighed in relief once it stopped a few moments later, but his nerves were on edge now. Not a helpful thing when searching for Pokémon and other things; the slightest noise or shadow even startled him. Composing himself, he crept along the passageways, the lantern at his belt tapping against the rocks every so often. Where had he seen that group...
Finally, he spotted what he was looking for, and ducked into the shadows, pulling out a lined notebook. This spot was out of sight of his quarry, but it was a good view for him. Along the passages were a 'family' of Diglett and Dugtrio, who, not knowing they were being watched, carried on with their daily lives.
This was not entirely new to him, but he did not fail to record the information he was getting in the journal. Even the things they did every day interested him, and he was certain he could find some new information here.
8th-Apr-2010 04:36 am (UTC) - Moderatorly Accept #1
Waiting for second accept~
8th-Apr-2010 04:39 am (UTC) - Numero dos!
Accept #2! Welcome to Smash Academy!

- You have two days to reply here with your character's LJ! After that, you have one week to make your first IC post!
- Introduce yourself in the main community (you'll have to apply for membership first, one of the mods will approve you.)
- Join the wiki so you can edit articles (if you so choose--a mod will approve you for this, too)!
- Head on over to the add/drop list and you're good to go!
8th-Apr-2010 10:31 am (UTC) - Re: Numero dos!
It is an honor to be accepted by you both!

I will do the IC post as soon as possible, but as I'm getting ready for a retreat this weekend... But hopefully nothing else gets in the way.

Thanks for having me! <3
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